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PVC Coated Iron Wire

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

PVC Coated Iron Wire Gal wire for gardening

Industry: Construction material, building material distribution

Country: Brazil

MOQ:FCL we can do CIF, Less than full container load, the buyer can arrange his or her broker to arrange the logistics, and we can provide on a FOB basis.

Product Required and what we make

Name: PVC Coated Iron Wire

  • Inner Wire: Electro Galvanised

  • Wire Thickness:

  • 1.24mm(before coating)

  • 1.90mm (After Coating)


  • Internal coil size: 9.5cm

  • External coil Size: 14cm

  • Coil Height: 4cm

  • Color: Dark Green

Packaging Details:

  • 1kg/Coil with a small label

  • 20kgs/Carton with colourful print

  • With protective plastic bag inside the box as shown in the images

Product Specification:

Sample product Photos:

For the quotation, this customer is punctilious in providing all information we might need. this include:

  1. the wire diameter

  2. before coating, After Coating if this is PVC coated wire

  3. Zinc GSM if this is galvanised wire

  4. Internal coil size: ❓cm

  5. External coil Size: ❓ cm

  6. Coil Height

  7. Coil Height: ❓cm

  8. Color: Dark Green if pvc

  9. Packaging: ❓1kg/Coil with a small label

To know more about us and know our product range:

We provide PVC surface treatment, labelling and branding.

About Sample:

We can post sample at a fee of USD50, this include the product costs and the postage fee. We might require you to send a product sample first in some cases to match it against with our catalogue if the description is not clear.

Standard form for Sample Posting

​Contact Name

Phone Number

Address Line

​Province or State




If the sample testing is positive, a sales contract between buyer and us will be signed.

The Straight Wire is a leading manufacturer of wire products located in Hebei, China. We work with many industries / trading companies to for their wire needs.

Contact Us:sales@thestraightwire.com

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