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A full recap of benefits for partnering with us so you can have all the information you need to make the informed decision.

Key benefits of “THE STRAIGHT WIRE” for our product itself and supply chain management. 

Platform & Networking (Full range of Hebei’s products, fasteners, steel, Onsite testing) & Visual Shipping management (Pictures for loading, products, subsequent shipping visual management)

Here are the main benefits:

1. It all begins with costs: we use low mark-up since we have no overhead unlike the traditional traders, we work from the factory

You are buying directly from the factory and dealing with the factory. 

You'll get access to customisation(product specs and packaging).   We can modify the printing for building a brand to differentiate. 

2. Shipping documents & paperworks taken care of,  different ways to receive the fund & financing. 

Save time and efforts on your end. 

3.Feed the information of small buyers back to you. Average 2 or 3 inquiries Alibaba buyers with small order quantity intention, in return we will introduce them to back to you as our distributor. So they can source locally and create value for all.  

4. Easy communication Benefits and buffer.  

6. Visual Suite:

Streamlined Process 

Labeling & Color coding 

All shipping visualised 

Manage your schedule, by adjusting the time and quantity 

Savings on inventory level, we remind what is to add 

7.  Integration-  Optional to integrate with our shipping broker, or your locally buyers. 

8. ProductAggregation/Fullfillment, free warehousing, then aggregation to be shipped out. 

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9. Dedicated support:  Accounts manager 

In addition, our production manager will have the product specs examined and offer advices. 

Pricing: Confirm again for order quantity, packaging to get the price. 

New Product Introduction: Projects
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