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Jobs to be Done:  HDG Industry(hot-dip galvanising industry)


Overseas galvanising plants who consume at container levels annually to save on costs 

All galvanising plants in North America, especially in California (double competitive edge in cheaper transport to Los Angeles & less competition from European counterparts)

Material traders within HDG industry 

*Certain areas are excluded and inquiries will be referred to the local distributor 

Black Annealed wire in both 

  • Cut-length

  • Coils forms 

Some regular sizes for immediate delivery:
2.0mm X 1.2m
3.15mm X 1.2m 
3.15mm X 2.0m 
3.15mm X 3.5m 
4.0mm  X 50kg (coil)  


Diameter up to 5mm, length up to 6000mm

2 weeks or less production lead time guaranteed

Unloading the Long Cut-Length Black Annealed Wire: 

image (1).png

Customer had to and drag out the bundles due to the way it was loaded.


To use a forklift extension/spike for this job. 

The pallet will break under the weight if put the bundles on a pallets, the pallet option will not work. 

The easiest way to unload is to use forklift slippers/extensions to put through the lifting loops, which we attach to each bundle. 



Two Decades of experience

🌍Global Reach

Delivered at place 

👨Know the product*

Export hundreds of
containers a year  


*Proud Sustaining Member of American Galvaniser Association 

Members not engaged in galvanizing but in supplying materials, equipment, or services to the galvanizing industry, 

Other Links:

Member of American galvaniser's association, effective from 15th October 2022   

Customer reference available


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