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Congratulations ! 🎉  You are in the right place to source wire products. 

It is important for us to understand what you need.  Can you send some photos of your existing product to email 

In the mean time, share as much information as you know, so we can accurately assess the product, such as wire gauge, or measurements. We don't expect you to know everything and that's what we are here for to help you.



If we feel confident enough that we have the identical product, a quotation will be provided immediately. 


We might request a copy of the product to make sure we are comparing apple against apple. 

Our full address for delivery is:

Country: China
Prefecture:Shijiazhuang city(石家庄市) 
District:Jinzhou county (晋州市)
Town:Xiaoqiao (小樵镇)Address: sichang village north  (四常村北)

Name: Yancang Du(杜彦仓)

Phone: +8613933052842 postcode: 052260

Get a Sample from Us
Now, We want to send you our sample, can you help us to provide your address 

Thanks for submitting! Our Team is looking into it and will send you an Email with tracking number. 

The reason we request customer to deposit a USD50 INVOICE FOR SAMPLE FEES, is this is a token of buying intention, & to cover partial costs in sending the material itself, the postage fees. In some cases, we will waive the costs if it is a domestic post. 

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