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Jobs to be Done:  Farming Industry(Rural Fencing, Trellis Wire, Hay-Baling)


Rural Supplies Distributors, we are able to aggregate and work with a wide range of wire products for your area 

Private Labelling within farming industry, OEM Sourcing

*Certain areas are excluded

Fencing Wire (Heavily Galvanised, 280gsm above) 


Fencing Mesh:

  • Chicken Mesh

  • Hinged Joint 

Others: sod staples, ground staples, black posts


Two Decades of experience

Global Reach

Delivered at place 

Know the product

Export hundreds of
containers a year  



Auditing Report Example
Mill Testing Example
(self auditing)
Lab results from 3rd party

  Chemical Testing
  Mechanical Testing 

Wire length to weight converter   

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Customer reference available


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