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Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Looking for a professional material trader/exporter in China for cattle cables?

What is needed to know when procuring wire cables and pitfalls to avoid?

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What the product is used for?

It can be used in lots of application. One main usage is for cattle industry and in livestocks handling yard. Rural supply stores are likely to carry this product along with other fencing wires. It is a common sight cattle yards with this product.

What products do you manufacture and trade?

We make the product by customer's requirement because the machine is capable of customising different sizes from thicker to thinner diameters high-tensile galvanised wire.

The two best selling items are;

  • 10.2mm (7 wires*3.4mm) *400m

  • 8.25mm(7 wires*2.75mm)*400m

What are your advantages competing against local supplier?

  • Our business model is factory direct to user or traders who are nearest point to end-users

  • Lower-price and high-efficiency, totally added margin is much small due to low overhead costs

  • We lead in short turnaround time , short production time, best supply chain management system.

Do you delivery to overseas market beyond China?

Yes, deliveries include major ports around the world, typically to countries where there is a strong farming industry(Diary farming or cattle farming)

Do you have certificates and what are the specifications?

It will be 400 meters per coil, the price is inclusive of the spool(wooden reel). Net materials weight should be excluding the timber reel(weighing 10kg each).

Zinc Coating is 60gsm with tensile strength of 1300mpa min.

Product is made in HEBEI HEJIAN(河间), Testing certificates will be provided.

➡️ Download the complete copy of four-pager product certificates

However, minimum order quantity starts from 10Tons.

coating quality the zinc layer is uniform and continuous
Cattle Cable Testing Results Example

Packaging: Loose spools, 550mm wide, 400MM height

8 reels per pallet for palletising requirement. The pallet is then stacked two tiers high.

Contacting THE STRAIGHT WIRE to talk about how we can help you in your next project.

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