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Generic TW1061T Tie Wire - Max RB441T Compatible

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Homogeneous TW1061T, Used in Rebar tier MAX RB441T

Identical but white labelled, used in rebar guns. The parts are interchangeable with genuine MAX rebar guns accessories.

It works on RB441T machine. ➡️ Check out this reference table of size and brand( such as MAX, MAKITA, TJEP, PEXGUN, et cetera)

Size:  diameter = 1.0mm, twin-strand 
Materials: Annealed,  galvanised or PVC coated
Packaging: 30 coils or 50 coils per carton, carton branding provided 

Mounting and replacing the reel:

Manual excerpt:

The tip of the Tie-Wire should be straightened out to allow it to pass through the Wire guide. When mounting the Tie-Wire, the wire may become jammed inside the machine if the wire tip is bent
Remove slack from wire reel by turning it counterclockwise. Make sure the Tie-Wire is not too slack or too taunt. This will avoid getting it caught behind the wire reel and avoid jamming.

Comparison of genuine reel(left) & replica wire reel(right two)

We manufacture and sell the reels for less than 1/4 of the authentic retail costs.

There is the brand premium placed, and R&D costs to be recouped on MAX's part.

Disclaimer: You should support MAX parts while you can. But we are adherents of Milton Friedman, that business should always pursue profit and maximise their own interest first.

Other Resources:

Other Questions:

What is the diameter of the wire and carbon contents?

Wire Diameter is 0.8mm. Carbon content is 0.089%.

The raw material is low carbon steel wire, Chinese grade is Q195.

Chemical and physical properties testing Example

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