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How to select the perfect rebar tie wire reels for the machine

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Cordless Rebar Tying Guns are getting more popular. Slowly gone are the days of manual steel fixing(Steelfixer) or Rod busting(Rodbuster).

We try to make the product more affordable and accessible for compatible wire reels.

We encourage people to buy the branded original reels to support continuous innovation.


Application: Steel fixing, tying rebar, rod busting, install radiant floor tubing, other repetitive tying tasks


Here are the things you need to pay attention to if you seek to source the cheaper alternative no-name brand.

  1. Know the Size.

  • Wire diameter, clarify the wire size(0.8mm or 1.omm) depending on the machine.

  • Send a photo of the wire reel.

  • Machine brand and series no.

Reason: The market is really segmented and each brand is trying to build their own individual consumables line. so not one cannibalise their market. This helps us to know exactly what type of reel you will need. We have both generic ones and specific reels for the particular tool. For example, Makita needs the reel to have wavy border. MAX TWINTIER has double twisted flat wire.

We recommend you to post a samples to us so we can make sure there is a match and the reel will be able to work on your machine.

2. what type of wire(surface treatment) You need. We can re-coil black wire, galvanised or polyster coated wire. So based on your working need, you can let us know or get advice what type of wire that suits the purpose best. Black Annealed Wire is usually the cheapest.

3. Needed quantity. We are a wholesaler and our MOQ is two pallets for new reel types. But we also sell online and post it by air for some existing wire reel types.

If you have any questions or interested in making an inquiry, please email:

Buy generic wire and save money

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