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Pit Lids & Grates Grating Frames

Standard Galvanised Steel Sump Grates and Frames from made in hebei, it feature

built-in hinges and "bolt-down" security to prevent accidental movement or unauthorised removal without tools.

Certified & meet load bearing and "bicycle-safe" requirements of

AS 3996-2006, Grates and matching Frames are hot-dip galvanised for durability too.

These products are intended for use in in-situ poured concrete,

such as the paving around pits in public traffic areas, with the upper surfaces of the Grate and Frame edge level with the concrete to permit free draining.

  • AS 3996-2006 Class As is suitable for areas exposed only for pedestrian traffic-not including livestock.

  • AS 3996-2006 Clas B is suitable for pedestrian areas open to traffic from service vehicles. Class B is often selected for applications such as car-parks where commercial and heavy goods vehicles are not permitted.

  • AS 3996-2006 Class D are suitable for normal roadway traffic areas exposed for commercial and heavy goods vehicles.

All grates are hinged and bolted to frame.



AS Standard

Pit Lids

Class  D 600×600

Hot  Dip Galvanized

AS 3996 for lid & frame

AS 4680 for Galvanising

Class  D 600×900

Hot  Dip Galvanized

Class  D 900×900

Hot  Dip Galvanized

Class  D 450x450

Hot  Dip Galvanized

Class  B 900×900

Hot  Dip Galvanized

Class  B 900×600

Hot  Dip Galvanized

Class  B 600×600

Hot  Dip Galvanized

Class  B 450x450

Hot  Dip Galvanized

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