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Our Packaging theory 


"No product can afford bad packaging, even the good ones."

"If the product cannot afford to be mis-handled, it is not good products."

Over the years, we had our share of mistakes and learned many lessons, so you don't need to do that. 

The end result is a system in place to ensure the products packaging is good and consistent. 

The system means both a physical sense, and from an information flow perspective.  

Solve an inherent Issue

Statistics shows that on average 2% of unit loads arriving at a distribution centre have some level of case damage.  As much as that is an inherent supply chain issue,  we strive to do our part reducing the transport risks, and consequently to lower the costs and increase mutual benefits. 

Packaging System 

We take great care and pride in packaging and loading as it is in our interest to do so. 

Customers suggestions are taken into heart and prosecuted relentlessly. 

Example 1: Pallet Packaging 

On Palletised Wire Products

  • Flat top so it is stackable

  • Triple straps to avoid collapse

  • Corner wood for extra reinforcement

  • Sustainable and strong pallet

  • Plastic wrap as added protection  



Example 2: Carton Packaging 

On Cartons

  • Measured box and no empty space 

  • Tapes and Straps

  • Carton printing and coloured cartons


Example 3: Coil Packaging 

On Coils

  • Double Wrapped 

  • Double Strapped, inner and outer

  • Measured Dimensions

  • Steel hooks as option for lifting

Talk to us about your packaging and see how we can add value  

Better Loading System 

Dedicated and experienced loading team at the factory 

Computer-generated loading plan will be sent for approval first 

Example 1: Pallet Cargo Loading 

On Boxed Wire Cargo

  • Strong pallets at its base 

  • Ratchet slings to bind the pallets together. 

  • Cardboard edge protector in every shipment. 

  • Floor Shims to prevent movement and fasten pallet into place


Example 2: Cylindrical Cargo Loading 

On Coiled Wire Cargo

  • Stuffing  planning for space utilisation 

  • Ratchet slings to bind the wire coils 

Example 3: Bundled Cargo Loading 

On Long Length Products Cargo

  • Round Bar, Long Cut-Length products 

More loading examples on its respective product page

Emails us to start your ordering process 

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