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Wire Reel V.png

 Wire Coils 

Round Bar V.jpeg

 Round Bar 

10COIL V.png

 Coiled Wire 

Rewind Wire V.png

 Baling Wire 

Cut Length V.png

 Cut Wire 

Rebar Mesh.jpeg

 Rebar Mesh 

Steel Fibre V_edited.jpg

 Steel Fibre 

Wire Mesh.jpeg

 Wire Mesh 

OTHER SOLUTIONS(Threaded Rods, Fasteners , Hangers, Loop Ties, Plastic Products, , U-Shaped Wire, Bulk Bag , CNC Wire)


Our factory is started by my father and the old guards in year of 2000, succeeding by quality product and affordable price.


Our core and main business is wire and its processed products. 

I started exporting in 2017 after studying.  We work together with partners and have good service. 

Resized (SLIDER✅)Application-Construction2
Application - HDG copy 2

Quality Wire Products

Buying in Bulk 

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Baling Wire 13.JPG.jpg

0.4mm to 6mm

Threaded Bar, Round bar, Flat Bar

Baling Wire, Tie Wire 

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