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Differences between baling wire for baler and generic wire

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

What are we talking about when we talk about baling wire? What are the main differences that differs by industry? Some more photos and videos below for illustration purpose.

​Standard (Natural) - BLACK ANNEALED TIE WIRE

Take Up

​Vertical Drop down

Horizontal Recoiling



Pallets(27 coils per pallet)


Cylindrical dimension tolerance up 5cm

Precise, controlled to exact cm



​less cheap


Tying, Binding, generic uses

Recycling, baling machine





25kg up to 800kg

50kg on average


*Wire gauge size must satisfies the pressure of the bale and requirements of baler machine.

Natural Coils:

Rewound Coils:

DESCRIPTION OF GOODS in different markets: (20FT DC container max loading capacity 25Tons)

🚢Shipping Worldwide,Middle East 3.10 mm bale wire Diameter tolerance:-0.10/+0.10mm Tensile:320-450n/mm2 Coil weight :400kg-600kg Coil Int/Ext:450-750mm Surface :Oiled

🚢Shipping Worldwide-Trieste Port, Venice Port, Ravenna Port3.5mm/4.0mm baling wire Resistance 300-400 N/mmq Internal diameter: 500mm external diameter: 800mm height:800mm Ca. 1000 kg per coil

Natural Wire of 800kg per bundle

Natural Wire of 500kg per bundle


  • Ideal for use in ♻️♻️♻️ paper recycling, plastic recycling

  • Suited to a wide range of automatic baling systems and Machines

  • Consistent performance, cost-effective price guaranteed

Still concerned about the quality and specifications of the wire, maybe send us an email and request a data sheet / laboratory test from us.

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