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Baling Wire Supplier, Hebei, Made for Optimal Baling

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Galvanised and black annealed wire for baling. It is easy to work with your baler. We have experience in customising wire to suit customers needs, no matter if it is the diameter or the tensile strength.


Customer Problem: Unstable supply, inconsistent quality, high price in their country

Solution: we are able to completely shape the box wire dimension. The internal diameter and height of the wire are be adjusted based on the type of machine used.

Different automatic baling machines could require different internal diameters or sizes. We understand the wire has to be smooth to minimise disruption and consistency, in order to save expensive labour costs. That is why for our product, no more than two welding points are allowed for every 600kg weight of the wire.

Standard packaging includes palletised or in loose coils in order to lower handle costs, for American market, it is typically 50 lb (45 per pallet) and 100 lb (36 per pallet) boxes, otherwise known as merchant wire.

Payment terms are negotiation supported and VAT tax invoice is provided for Chinese domestic traders acting on behalf of the end users.

Special surface treatment includes water-soluble wax, oils or other special protective coatings to the wire surface.

We offer a wide range of baling wire, low carbon content wire for baling use, such as

Industry: recycling plants, baler machine usage, packaging wholesaler, paper pulp plants

The baling wire can come in both box or stem form for use in automatic baling machines. In some places also known as bremen rings(picture on the left), rozzetes wire.

Talk to us if you want to know the difference between black annealed wire & Baling Wire

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