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SL62, SL72, SL82, SL92, SL102 Rebar Mesh Steel Sheet

Updated: Dec 17, 2022


Reinforcing Mesh SL52

Longitudinal:11×4.77@200 Cross: 29×4.77@200 size: 5.8×2.2m

Reinforcing Mesh SL62

Longitudinal:11×6@200 Cross: 29×6@200 size: 5.8×2.2m

Reinforcing Mesh SL72

Longitudinal:11×6.75@200 Cross: 29×6.75@200 size: 5.8×2.2m

Reinforcing Mesh SL82

Longitudinal:11×7.6@200 Cross: 29×7.6@200 size: 5.8×2.2m

Reinforcing Mesh SL92

Longitudinal:11×8.6@200 Cross: 30×8.6@200 size: 5.8×2.2m

Reinforcing Mesh SL102

Longitudinal:11×9.5@200 Cross: 30×9.5@200 size: 5.8×2.2m

Complementary Products: bar chairs

For Customisation, we could adjust the Length, Width, Aperture Customisation (ACRS Certified steel)

We are looking for buyers who:

  • Volume users who buys at least 300sheets or more at a time

  • Competitive pricing and terms provided FOB TIANJIN OR CIF SYDNEY, MELBOURNE, BRISBANE, FREEMANTLE PORT

  • Experienced buyers who have imported from China before, paying in USD

Product Specs:

Talk to us about your wire mesh needs for the next project to save costs.

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