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Scaffolding Accessories - Cut-Length GI Wire

Updated: Jan 27

Industry: Scaffolding Company in Hunan

Wire exported to Singapore

Diameter tolerance is 0.03mm

Contract Signing: The procurement manager at the scaffolding company signs the contract with our production manager. Both are Chinese speakers so we don't use our sales. Customer can buy directly from the factory.

We sold one container of products of:

Pre-Cut GI Wire 14#, 400mm 10kg/Package

GI Wire 14#, 15kg/Roll

​Specification Sheet



Internal Diameter


​Tensile Strength




Customer sent inspection company to audit:

We followed up on few more orders of

1.8mm * 50kg per Coil electro-Galvanised Wire

2.0mm * 50kg per Coil electro-Galvanised Wire

12#, 50kg/Roll G.I Wire

BWG20, 400mm Length

2 containers of 27 Tons

BWG20 400mm GI Wire
BWG Wire Reference Table

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Alternative Packaging

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