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Binding Wire For Building Material Seller in Singapore

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

We are conveniently located at JINZHOU City, which is near TIANJIN port for sea shipping and BEIJING Airport for international visitors. Singapore is a very competitive market for its geographical proximity to China and cultural affinity with Chinese.


Most popular products, Near-Commodity product for building material

BWG20 G.I. Wire 500mm (20kg) 2kg/bundle

Black Annealed Wire 3mm 25kg/Coil

Black Annealed Wire 2.5mm 25kg/Coil

​Black Annealed Wire BWG18 500mm 20kg/box 2kg per/Bundle


Packaging Photo:

Black Annealed Wire BWG18

Product Details:

Each wire carton has its own silicon gel to desiccate and wrapped with plastic film for condition protection.

Black Annealed Wire BWG18

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