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All You Need to Know About Using Bar Ties in Construction - Guide from Bar Ties Manufacturer

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

We know it is a tongue twisters, you see, but we supply bar ties to tie tie bars.

Firstly, tie bars are important, they ensure that the concrete construction of a project is properly supported and aligned. Used for ensuring sturdy mesh structure(what?you make mesh too), in return to building structure, a tie bar is one of the major and unmissable elements of concrete construction.

It provides main support to the heavy concrete slabs using interlocking methods and these bars are applied for load distribution in the concrete infrastructure. Tie bars are basically deformed rebars or connectors used for holding the faces of rigid slabs in contact to maintain aggregate interlock.

Tie bars are not load-transferring devices. For instance, tie bars are used in longitudinal joints at the mid-depth of concrete pavement.

What is a Tie Bar?

The tie bar also called a connector, is a deformed steel bar used in concrete construction as reinforcement. To create an interlock and distribute weight efficiently, this type of bar is placed between rigid concrete slabs.

Tie bars are positioned at the mid-depth of longitudinal joints. Tie bars are steel and has ribbed form. Tie beams have a diameter between 10-12mm. A tie bar's spacing depends both on the pavement's thickness and on the slab's width. In general, the thickness of tie bars ranges between 550 mm and 640 mm. These are not load-transfer devices like dowel bars.

At the straight wire, we cut the N12, N16, N20 bars into desired length, from 6M to 1m, 2m or3m.

Benefits of Using Tie Bars in Construction:

  • Tie bars positioned and spaced properly prevent lane separation, differential slab settlement, and transverse cracking

  • Tie bars also reduce the cost of overall lifecycle repairs

  • For roads and pavements, tie bars are essential

  • A tie bar provides stability and reliability

What is a Bar Tie, or better, two bar ties?

Bar tie is what is used to connect the tie bar. Who said this is not confusion. It is a soft thin and short wire used to tie the bars, with small loops on both ends.

They are thin as it comes in 16gauge, or 17gauge, and relatively short, from 4'' to 12''.

Depending on the length, rod busters not only use it to tie bars, some also use it to secure bags, thus the name bag tie. Got it?

Benefits of Using Tie Bars in Construction:

  • Cost saving as all ties are preformed and available

  • A tie bar provides stability and reliability

OEM works we done

Trying to find the best bar ties? THE STRAIGHT WIRE, Wire Manufacturing & Steel Trading in Hebei, and export to main market of North America, we focuses on maximising the value of the entire supply chain, providing unbeatable service, and developing high-quality products in collaboration with our customers.

Companies are redeploying their plant & equipment to neutralised Vietnam and Thailand as US could pose high importing tax. We have the most agile supply and fast turnaround time, believing this point of difference will triumph over the cost aspect.

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