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16 g.i galvanized binding wire for Manila, Philippine

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Industry: Construction, Civil engineer


  • Internal diameter fo the wire Coil can be customised. Contact us for the options.

  • Bundled together for forklift to work around it, bundled by 20 roll/25kgs, or at your discretion.

  • Stacking available as well

  • The tensile strength will be around 400mpa , for construction purposes, such as tying re-bars.

Please investigate the costs & jursidictions associated with containers importing in your local area.

Philippine wharf charges USD per container to release it

  • Manila North Port.

  • Manila South Port.

There could be a slight chance the ship will need 14 days quarantine once it arrives in Manila due to the COVID.


Delay on time with the planned delivery date, before the end of the order-placing month.

Photos to confirm the packaging.

We will confirm any delay with the customer and hold off delivering until the final confirmation, if there is a lockdown by the local government.


The weather is damp in Philippine so each individual coil are wrapped as well to protect it from the humidity condition.

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