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Wire Mesh Case Study

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Wire Mesh Manufacturer and Trader in JINZHOU City, Hebei Province

We choose the raw material, hard drawn low carbon wire, that is strictly within specified tensile strength. It is welded and cut to desired size, the further processed for pvc coating on site or delivered to customer's site.

Industry: Trading Company in Hebei

Product: Wire Mesh(PVC Coated, Reinforcement Mesh, Galvanised)

Problem: Need fast lead time, consistent quality and good customer service as some papers need to be issued in English and deal with the custom.


  • We confirmed the sizes, and apertures quickly.

  • Decided the wire diameter, surface treatment.

  • Settled on the quantity, number of sheets.

Quality Control:

  • We make sure we are not using thinner wire and the weight is full weight.

  • The sharp edges are cut and trimmed to be smooth.


  • The product is palletised and strapped for safe transportation.

  • Mesh itself is stacked face to face to save space and avoid movement.


Consistent business from the returning buyer for years.

New products development of wire mesh different colours. Pipe + Mesh Combination

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