Wire Hangers Exporting to United States and Other Countries

Wire Hangers HS.Codes are:

  • 7323.99.9060,

  • 7326.20.0020

  • 7323.99.9080

Steel wire garment hangers are made of low carbon steel where. After shape forming, the wire is galvanised wire zinc or painted with latex or epoxy or similar anti-slipping materials. Some or fashioned with paper tubes, capes, or saddles. It is also known by usage purpose such as shirt hangers, suit hanger, strut hanger, caped hanger, or latex(industrial hangers).

The application industries are dry cleaning, industrial laundry industry, clothing industry and uniform rental industries.

Shape Forming:

However, the export to the United States Market is made impossible by the tariff imposed of 187.25 percent. Steel Wire hanger from China face anti-dumping rate of 187.25 percent.

But we can still export to other parts of the world where no such tariffs are imposed such as Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

The specifications are usually packed in boxes containing 500 hangers. However, thicker hangers (struts, drapery, and polo knit hangers) are packed in boxes containing 250 hangers or less. The quantity is also dictated by the weight, each carton weighs about 15kgs. And Each container can load about 1000 cartons.

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