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Warehousing service to Manila Philippine

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Payment Terms:

50% down payment + balance prior to landing for first time buyers

30% down payment + 70% rest upon landing for returning buyers

20% down payment + 80% upon landing for customer ordering 5 containers or above per month

We have competitive trading terms for volume buyers.


We will draft the contract with banking details on the contract

Please provide you information,

  • name

  • business name

  • address

  • contact details

  • business number ( Tax Number)

Lead time:

Two weeks after the remittance.

We can finish the production within 10 days, but please allow 5 days for shipping. (Taking the container to port)


Please let us know the required internal diameter.

30cm internal diameter

50cm internal diameter

55cm internal diameter , we can offer all the way up to 70cm.

We recommend you tot take a measurement of your current product.

Whether you need the coils to be bundled together to be unloaded by forklift.


We can provide CIF price.

Popular Product for Philippine:

16# gauge GI wire

Service provided:

We can hold off shipping for one month until your other products are delivered to our yard. If the other items has longer lead time.

We can schedule the ETD flexibly.

We will order the container and arrange the transportation for you.

Our price is valid for 5 days only. so please make your decision within the reasonable time frame.

Please fill out the form for your rest goods. for China custom, such as HS code, weight et cetera. We can also export it on someone's behalf if the other factory doesn't have the capacity to do it themselves.

We will check the package number and weight against the form once upon receiving..

Export Form Download
Download XLS • 85KB

We help our customers by aggregating orders together on our site. Our staff has experience in planning container stuffing.


We will present the BL to our customer for checking one last time before shipping.

Packing List:

Sample packing List

Product Branding/Marking:

product can be marked with your branding

Shipping Monitoring:

Other paperworks will sent out before landing to leave you enough time to sort out the custom paperwork.

Send your RFQ to us:

A Template:

* 5x2.5mm thick name

* Grade/material Mild Steel Finish [Hard Drawn Low Carbon Wire]

* Size: = ???? sheets packaging: ?? pallet)

* Technical: Tensile strength ?? Mpa

Production lead-time:

Shipment to: ???Port

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