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Wall Ties for Brick Wall & Masonry Products

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

We offer different shapes of wire ties using CNC forming.

These steel products are designed to increase the potency of construction products, most commonly in concrete, masonries, mortar or just bricks. We stock a large assortment of regular sizes and make customised orders.

Concrete - Tie Wire


Concrete constructions are reinforced by ribbed steel bars or rebar mesh. The most versatile wire is the simple tie wire, which is widely used world wide as for tying. Steelfixers use small coils installed to reels to dispense the wire.

Materials: soft annealed black wire(easier to bend), or soft galvanised wire(less easy to work with)

Wire Diameters: usually No16.5 gauge or No16 gauge, 1.4mm to 1.5mm, Thicker gauges of No15 or No14 tie wire is less common, Heavily reinforcement are otherwise double tied using two strands of tie wire.

Notes: product come in 3-4pound, 1-2kg coils to suit the aluminium wire reels.

Masonry- Shaped Ties (W-ties, V-ties)


Masonry are reinforced by wire ties to get additional later resistance, especially in high wind areas. It is versatile in varying airspace and veneer combinations, as well as any structural works.

Materials: Hot-dipped galvanised wire, stainless steel wire is also optional for extra protection against corrosion, especially near sea coastal areas.

Wire Diameters: different dimeters to chose, typically from 3mm to 5mm , wire gauge 6-10

Notes: Products can be bagged or branded. We can work with your customised design shapes.

Laddered Wire or Trussed Wire Reinforcement


Two parallel wire on the side with horizontal crossed wire or diagonally crossed wire welded to form mesh to provide reinforcement to brick walls.

Materials: Heavily galvanised wire or stainless steel wire, grade 304 or 316

Wire Diameters: 3-5mm, gaps available in 60mm to 300mm interval.

Notes: main longitudinal wires is less than 3mm. This profile works maintain good mortar cover with or without the wall ties.

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