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The Benefits of Galvanized Wire in Construction

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Galvanised Wire is just not that simple.

Like every bunch, there is for sure some softies, such as low carbon galvanised wire, they are so soft, and the product is used for tying rebars and made into nails, other hardware items. There are some really hard & tough guys, high carbon high tensile galvanised wire are used in, for examples, bridges, holding elevators, for example.

Zinc is applied as a protective coating. Zinc provides cathodic protection. In humid environments, galvanised iron wire offers better surface protection at a lower cost.

Zinc is cheap and it is stable. It has aesthetic appeals too. Some galvanised sculptures are devastatingly beautiful.


GI wire's applications due to their inherent qualities:

Listed below are some of the major benefits of galvanised wire in the construction industry:

1) Fencing Wire: :

Due to its durability, galvanised steel wire can easily be used to construct a fence around farm or ranch. It is cost effective.

2) Binding Wire:

Another benefit of this material is that it can be used in the binding of construction materials. Due to its strength, galvanized steel wire is ideal for the construction projects and concrete slabs.

3) Alloy Wire(Gal-Fan Wire):

Galvanized steel wire, plus aluminium, is an all-weather material that is popular among coastal areas because corrosive sea water conditions. Gal-fan wire also build gabion boxes.

4) Fine Wire Staples:

Wire bind and shaped into staples.

7) Wire Cables:

Galvanized iron wires can stranded together, which can be used to suspend or hang telecommunications cables, earth wires, and ground wires.

8) Few Other Uses of GI Wires:

Furthermore, GI wires also serve as a reliable option for preventing wires from rusting and corrosion for a variety of applications, including Bailing, Welded Mesh, Anti-sloping, and other security products.


Because of its strength, ability, and durability, this wire is often in many applications.

We work with our customer together to develop the wire most suited to the job.

Talk to us to see how we could help you to achieve a better result.

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