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Circle Top Sod Staples 6'' * 11GA Factory

Here is the everything you need to know on the topic of ground staples, no matter if you are an end-user, reseller or trader. 

Sod staples are staples to hold on to "sods", with landscape and erosion control fabrics.

Circle top staples are also known as G-shaped staples for the shape of its head.

A steel wire factory since the 2000s, we want to create efficiency by communicating directly with overseas buyers and minimise transaction costs, thus maximising the customer value. It is not an easy task to buy foreign while entrusting the product quality and find people with integrity to deal with. The costs associated with fraudulent practices is quite high.

We break the conversation into three parts to understand the topic better.


#1: What is Ground Staple, difference between standard landscape staples and circle top pins.

U shaped ground staples, G Shaped staples, weed mat pins
Sod Staples Range

The circle top pins offers a stronger hold, often 5 times as much surface area as the standard shaped(traditional U shaped), in order to reduce the change of fabric damage.

#2: Can you make the product I need.

The wire gauge: 6 gauge, 8 gauge or even 10 gauge steel, job specific.

Use lighter steel to save material costs for easy jobs. Thicker steel provide a stronger build and reduce bending defection rate for heavy-duty works.

The wire finish and grade: Q195, bright, galvanised and heavily galvanised

Applications: Holding down landscape and erosion control fabrics, securing fence, pinning down weed mats, erosion control mats. It is THE product to use when it comes to securing your material into the mother 🌍 (soil)

Packaging: The product will be palletised with flat top for easy transportation. And the staples can be bagged or cartoned, or in plastic boxes.

Product: Circle Top Sod Staples 6'' * 11GA Packaging: 1000 pieces per brown carton, printed with wording, 60 cartons per pallet, palletised with care.

Weight: 13.45kg per carton

Common sizes for immediate delivery , perfect as complimentary product to go with your mats.

#3: 💵 and how to proceed to buy.

FOB , CIF price will be quoted, so you can compare the current price paying to your upstream distributors. And after adding up all the costs and if the gross margin is more than 25% represents saving by directly buying from us.

It is not easy task to switch supplier or buying the first time, but it will be easier to have Straight Wire to work with you along the way.

So free free to browse on this website for more information. And if there is still some doubts left unanswered, leave a comments below or send us an email sales@thestraightwire.com

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