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Tie Wire from The Straight Wire

Can't find a steel fixer/rod buster to tie the rebar, thinking about rebar guns but hindered by the price point.

Supplying 100% Max gun compatible, available in certain countries.

How to get samples?

Get some sample to test in the gun would be handy!!!!

One box has 30 rolls, or 50 rolls, depending on country. Some country impose a 15kg handling limit. And post office have a weight limit for express delivery.

For retail, we price it at 5AUD each. including the postage for Australia-wide for whole cartons.

For other nations, purchase is available on Ali-express site.

For wholesaling, contact us by sending an email and expression of interest.

Can I use it with RB440T?

People can buy the Japanese model RB440T from Ebay. This is different from the mainstream RB441T, This could be compatible with your reels of wire. The gun supposedly takes TW1060T wire reels. Two wire reels looks almost the same but are not identical. It is inter-fungible if you cut a small part out. Photo illustrated below.

Is your wire galvanised or black annealed?

Refer to product page, we can provide both, and we also have PVC coated ones.

We also engage in trading of rebar, L bars, flat mesh, for a retaining wall footing and standard footings.

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