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  • The Straight Wire

Round Bar(Q235) for End Users in concrete products

We process and export round bars of the highest quality(surface is bright and damage-free). Packaging is in place to protect the product from damaging.

Product Description: Straight-Cut Round Bar

Product Comparison:

We guarantee our products to be:

What's on the market looks like:

Product Specification:

6meters Round Bar Straight Cut, Q235,

short ones made by requirement, common SKUs




End Use: concrete & steel stumps, car park stoppers, and pavers, building stumps

Round Bar Straight Cut are used inside.


Straight Cut Wire suitable for forklift, smaller bundles, 1 tons each packaging as sees fit, either in pallet or in master bundle

M10 Threaded Rod 27cm 133g M10 Washe & Nuts

We have over 2k SKUs and find out how we can help you to source directly and save on costs.

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