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Updated: Nov 23, 2022

SPECIFICATIONS:- Steel specification Hard drawn steel wire grade B500B or B550C complying with EN 10080 alternative SAE 1010/1018 and hot dip galvanizing to IS:2629:1985.

-Tensile strength: 450 MPa (minimum) : 350 MPa (minimum)

-Yield stress -Elongation : 10 % (minimum).

CHEMICAL PROPERTIES :- -Si : 0.30%(maximum) -C : 0.08%-0.2% -Mn : 0.30%-0.9% -S : 0.05% (maximum) -P : 0.04% (maximum)

WELDING CHECKING:- Welding joint of wires should be interpenetration between 12% and 15% of the total diameter of the welded wire.Total height of the welded bars H≤(1-0.12)x(D1+D2)

COATINGS: Hot dip galvanized zinc coating 610 g/sq.m (i.e. approx. 85 microns per face) -The assembly should be ground fettled and shot/sand blasted to ensure

sand/Graphite free part & pretreated to achieve perfect HD ZINC

Galvanization. The process to follow- I) Cleaning - Degrease followed by hot water rinse II) Pickling - followed by water rinse III) Fluxing - followed by heating IV) zinc bath - followed by water dip V) Inspect

Other NOTES :- 1. All dimensions are in mm or otherwise stated. 2. Tolerance on overall length and width=±2mm. 3. This panel design shall be used only for wall with inclination equal to 90°

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