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Packaging for Black Annealed Wire

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

It is important to property package the black annealed wire and present it in nice condition when selling.

Here are some steps of how we keep the wire presentable from start to finish.

It is useful for buyers to help them to know more about the product and guide through buying decision.

Also it is useful for industry peers to share the best practice and improve the standard.

  1. The diameter, wire is drawn to the desired diameter. Here you can specify the thickness of the wire such 1.00mm, or BWG, AWG sizes. ( Refer to the table to convert between gauge size and mm.

2.The internal diameter. We can adjust how big the internal ring is, to fit for your purpose of the machine. To point out, different baling machine might have different requirement. To find the best fit, we recommend you to share photos of what you currently have. So we can either give you recommendations or replicate the measurement.

3. There are different types of stocks to choose from, have a look if there is something you need. And you can even twist the design.

Black annealed pre-cut wire Drawing
Download PDF • 431KB

Galvanized Iron & Black Anneled Wire Coils
Download PDF • 367KB

4. Packaging – Black Annealed

a) Coil Wire - Black Annealed Wire ,

Label, font:

Each bundle is required to be packed tightly and have the information of

Label Example:

I. Item Code

II. Item

III. Length

IV. Weight

V. Batch no.

Loading Photos:

Photos of well-packed mass goods including details of label and send photos will be sent for approval.

During loading work, examine the container condition and take clear photos and videos if necessary.

Pictures will include:

  • Ø Floorboard, wall and bottom of the empty container

  • Ø A4 paper marking and details marked on bundles

  • Ø Products

  • Ø Container before loading

  • Ø Container with half loaded

  • Ø Container with fully loaded

  • Ø Sealing

If you want to place an order with us, our MOQ is usually one container.

However, if you have broker in China and you are welcome to place one ton MOQ order to take up the transport from our factory or warehouse in other cities at your discretion.

We don't recommend inexperienced buyers to experiment with importing as it is often expensive with the hidden costs that green buyer fail to notice.

If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to ask us.

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