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Overview of the Different Types of Baling Wires - Guide from Baling wire Manufacturer

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Today, baling wire is an essential commodity for a variety of people and industries that rely on its strength, malleability, and versatility. Whether it is manufacturers, recycling companies, distributors, or many other industries, recycling materials need to be handled properly. The baling wire is used to hold together the recyclable materials. It helps to neatly package the materials, resulting in cleaner, more organized facilities.

In today's industry, baling wires come in a variety of types and styles. This article covers the different types of baling wire available from baling wire manufacturers:

1) Single Loop Wire: Baling wire for single loops is manufactured from black annealed wire and galvanized wire with medium carbon steel. A single-loop bale tie can be used with both vertical and horizontal balers. Baling ties with single loops are hand-tied by threading the loose end through the loop. Hand-tying is required for this type of baling wire. Due to its flexibility, single-loop wire is very versatile, and as a result, there is no wire waste.

2) Double-Loop Wire: A double-looped baling wire is named as such because it has a loop at each end. Since these wires don't need to be bent when tied off, they are extremely popular in the recycling industry. Pre-cut lengths of double-loop baling wire are available. Since there is no bending involved, it is pretty easy to tie off the bale. In high-production applications that require a high degree of an expansion force, double-loop baling wire is an ideal choice.

3) Boxed Wire: Boxed wire is crafted from specialized Black Annealed Wire. Because it is more flexible than galvanized bale wire, it is ideal for hand-tying off. It can be used on all types of single-ram auto-tie balers. The product is usually packaged in 100-pound boxes. To prevent rust and lubricate the feed system, boxed wire is lightly oiled.

4) Black Annealed Wire: Compared to most other types of baling wire, black annealed baling wire is relatively soft. During annealing, metal materials gain additional properties, such as corrosion resistance. By annealing metal, a protective black surface layer is imparted. This wire is intended for use in automatic tie balers with a single ram. It can be used with any baling machine for all kinds of materials. In addition to being available in a variety of gauges, black annealed wire is packaged in tubular steel carriers. Oil is applied to this wire to ensure it moves smoothly through the baler.

5) High-Tensile Wire: The use of high-tensile baling wire is generally restricted to hand-held balers. The braid on these wires is extremely tight, making them ideal for securing materials like hay and straw together. In order to transport bundles of recycled products, a high-tensile baling wire is utilized to keep the bundles together.

6) Stump Wire: Stump wire, which comes in very large spools, is best for handling larger amounts of scrap material.


With the advancement of technology, baling wire is now incredibly durable and long-lasting. As a result of the wide variety of baling wire manufacturers across the globe, many types of baling wire are available on the market, such as soft coils, cut wires, etc.

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