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  • The Straight Wire

Nylon PE Coated Wire

Nylon Rubber coated threaded wire


  • core steel wire has even & consistent strength

  • Solid Coating, not easy to crinkle or peel while double coil for making Twin Loop Binding or Wire Binding Combs

Application Video from customer’s site, Book Binder machine and its Manufacturing process:

  • steady colour, smooth surface, we could match & customise colour

Calendar Hanging hooks made from pp coated wire

Utility: Notebook binding wire

PET Plastic ( PP coated0 Spiral Wire Binding Rings Binding Coil For Notebook

Double loop or Single Loop

Color: White, Black

Diameter: total: XX mm Core Wire mm + Coating thickness mm

Coil Weight: 25kg per coil

The difficulty in making this product well lies in the internal diameter of the coil and thickness of the coating.

Free samples available upon request( one kilo gram handy pack or straightened pieces)

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