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Updated: Mar 26

Check out the below and the new article for green buyers who are hesitant about the transport mode  


  • Domestic Delivery in China, If you can an agent or freight forwarder in China such as YIWU City(义乌市) or TIANJIN(天津市) You can let us know the Delivery address to: YIWU, CONTACT PERSON details . We can provide label service on the product such as your name, code and contacts details.

  • Domestic Delivery in China for Chinese trading companies. We can white-label the product to your appointed factory in China. You can just give out your address and contact person. We can do freight inclusive or exclusive送货到门地址:xxx市xxx有限公司, xxx公路xx号


Less than 10Ts(Several pallets)

  • This is for customer who ordered several pallets but less than full container, you have the option to appoint your broker or use our associate freight broker who you can deal with directly. The process is about the same.

  • However, one advantage is that it can be done and deliver the product to your nearest appointed port.


More than 20Ts - or Full Container Loads

  • We provide CIF service, or on EXW.

  • Port of Origin is TIANJIN mostly. EXW is JINZHOU CITY, HEBEI PROVINCE. 晋州市小樵镇四常村 或者 北寺镀锌工业园区

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