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OEM Branding Services, Building Material Private Labelling

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

We sell generic products with plain packaging in bulk, but also customised products in smaller quantity(MOQ applies).

There can be various reasons, Customer wants private labelling and smaller lot per packaging for retail purposes(such as Walmart, Amazon E-commerce sellers), traders take up branding as part of their differentiation strategy.

We can customise packaging and offer competitive pricing.




Goods are usually palletised for easier handling. Customer are advised of the number of pallets and cartons would be.

In this case of baling wire, we give out three solutions,

  • A: Bag with cardboard on top, the cardboard are printed with required details

  • B: Plain, without cardboard on top, label the plastic bag, put a sticker in the front.

  • C: Just the products itself, but maybe serve as a suggestion.

Example: key elements will include product name, sizes, Weight( gross weight, and net weight)

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