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Boxed Baling Wire for Machine Use

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

The core is hollowed and be tore open
Boxed Baling Wire Example

We have prepared a list of Q&A that baling wire importers often asks, feel free to leave us a message if it is not answered below.

What is baling wire?

Baling Wire is a traditional material used in farming industry to tie bales, mostly for animal feeding.

With automatic binding, use only soft-annealed and pre-greased binding wire, according to DIN EN10016-2, with diameter of 2.8mm ...... 4.0mm. The use of other binding wire can damage the mechanism.
Binding Wire Notes EN 10016-2 Standard

What sizes do you have?

We manufacture galvanised or black annealed in all different sizes, including cut and looped wire. Diameters commonly used range from 2.0mm to 4.0mm.

How many meters per bundle?

Download the wire dimeter to length converter to calculate the wire length.

How much is the price per roll of baling wire, how many coils per ton ?

price is per a tonnage basis, to be divided by 1000kg, times the weight per coil.

Is this compatible with my machine or baler?

It is perfect for Agricultural use in hay baling, and different brands could be using slightly different sizes.

We have it tested on brands such as New Holland wire tie baler, Class Markant Baler. It will fit if the dimensions are correct.

Can you customise the dimensions?

Yes, for example,

We could do ❓* (40kilos )each coil and wire stitched to thickness ❓* (14.5)cm.

The wire must be ❓* (2mm) thick, and annealed ✅, oiled.✅

What are your advantages?

Single strands and not knots, Our wire have very smooth unwinding and will not get tangled up in the machine.

Plus, the advantage of being cost effective, total costs is much less than the local price.

Can you do boxed wire?

Yes, the good quality cardboard box are used and branded if customer requires.

Plain boxed baling wire with words or clean carton is available to choose from.

Cubic Meters Dimensions per pallet?

Can you arrange Delivery?

We can work your delivery agents in China or on FOB basis.

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