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75mm*3.75mm Bullet Head Nails Bright 15kg

Updated: Jan 27

Specific Product Page:

  • 75mm bright steel nails

  • Smooth shank

  • 15kg tubs, 152 nails per kg on average

  • Diameter 3.75mmm to 11.52Meters/KG

  • Head Type: Bullet Head

  • Standard AS2334-1908

  • Tensile Strength: No less than 550mpa

  • Price:8000RMB

  • USD1180

  • MOQ: 2T per bucket 15kg

  • Payment Terms:


Measuring dimensions of bullet head nails
Bullet Head Nails Length Checking

Nail Product

  • Width3.75mm

  • Height75mm

  • Length:75mm

Bucket Package

  • 260mm

  • 260mm

  • 210mm

Label of the carton: support customisation, need to confirm design and artwork.

Standard Reference:

3.1 Bullet head nail—a nail having a plain cylindrical shank with an integrally formed deep, circular, barrel-shaped head with a flat top surface. NOTE: These nails are mainly used in timber framing applications, and in the smaller sizes as general finishing nails.

Common Nails - Bullet Head Nails

Concrete Nails


The straight wire has a subsidiary company in Melbourne as Socrates Building Supplies.

We made our brand and can also support OEM for other companies.



Example Photos:

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