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Check List for Reselling Fastener Products

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Some questions we typically ask with fastener importers.

We receive inquiries mostly from resellers, rather than end users of the products. It can be domestic trading companies or importers overseas.

Here are the common misconceptions about how standard and easy the product is, and fews things to be mindful of when you are sourcing for fastener products as for the questions would be asked.

If you are curious about who we are, we are an integrated manufacturer and trader based in HEBEI, where it hosts our fastener factory in Handan, Hebei. The factory has established a brand name domestically and started to expand to exporting after serving construction industry well over the years. We pride ourselves on supplying quality product with a competitive price.

Let's dive into it.

  • The size and standard of the product. The diameter of the product and length. We sell matching nuts and washers. The product can be assembled or unassembled by customer requirement.

Fully Threaded Bar





  • Required quantity so it can meet the MOQ if this is not stocked. Typically above 1000.

  • The weight per piece of the current product your customer is buying.

  • Surface Treatment or Grade

  • Lead time. We finish usually within two weeks upon payment

  • Packaging, crates or pallets.

  • Port of loading, we can ship the products to NINGBO port, SHANGHAI port, QINGDAO port, or the closest TIANJIN port if it needs to be aggregated with your existing order from other suppliers.

We would handle the full process from delivering to paperworks, so you have the peace of mind.  The price would after rebated as the fastener products would enjoy full 13% tax rebate for exporting from China.  

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