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Debars With one end threaded


20'container load qty

40'container load qty

Refer to 20ft Container


Product Description

Threaded Deformed bars for 10mm,12mm,16mm, 20mm

Service: Cutting & Bending

Length: Cut to size per buyer's requirement, For example, 600mm, 800mm with 5cm metric thread on one single end of the steel

The deformed bar is 400N, we can do 500N, but it attracts a high price.

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Wechat ID: zhengkangjinshu


Beisi Industrial Zone, Jinzhou City, Hebei Province, China

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Product Details 



Unit of Measurement: ________

W/M (kg) : __________________ 

MOQ : ______________________

Crn/Pallet Qty : ______________


Dimension Notes

Loading in Crates

Common Nails Crate.png

Basic Info

Container Stuffing Notes

Box Cargo: Deformed Bar threaded
Length (cm) 110
Width (cm) 100
Height (cm) 100
Volume m³ 1
Quantity Each:
Weight total (kg) Circa 1000
Per piece 1
Placement and Conditions
Rotation * NOT ALLOWED
Stacking * ALLOWED

Angle Steel1.JPG
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