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Common Nails 2mm to 6mm 5kg Carton of 1

24 pallets (24Ts)

20'container load qty

40'container load qty

N/A- Refer to 20ft GP



Product Description

Common Nails Size: polished common nails 1.5mm-6mm, also known as construction nails. we carry a wide range of length and diameters

For Example:

Nail Head: Checkered

Packaging: 5kg per carton(W:10cm* H15cm *L 15cm, accord to actual carton size) 200 carton per pallet

  • Product are palletised with care.

  • The nail head must be circle top, not odd-shaped.

  • No breakage or bending allowed during usage.

  • Silicon gel into the each carton to desiccate, covered with plastic film too to ensure the longevity and anti-rusty treatment.

Download List:

Packaging Common Nails The Straight Wire
Download PDF • 331KB
Packing Nails
Download PDF • 2.08MB

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Wechat ID: zhengkangjinshu


Beisi Industrial Zone, Jinzhou City, Hebei Province, China

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Product Details 



Unit of Measurement: ________

W/M (kg) : __________________ 

MOQ : ______________________

Crn/Pallet Qty : ______________



Dimension Notes

The default colour of the carton is brown, kraft paper.

Max load is 24 pallets per 20-foot container

Choice of crate or pallet.

Common Nails Crate.png

Basic Info

Container Stuffing Notes

Box Cargo: Various Common Nails
Length (cm) 110
Width (cm) 100
Height (cm) 140
Volume m³ 1.54
Quantity Each:
Weight total (kg) 1000
Per piece 1
Placement and Conditions
Rotation * NOT ALLOWED
Stacking * ALLOWED

Angle Steel1.JPG
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