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20'container load qty

40'container load qty




Product Description

Hs code: 7216210000

Name: Sections, L, iron or non alloy steel, hot roll drawn extruded less than 80m, CAVEAT

1. Name: angle steel, L-shaped Steel 2. 1. Shape (channel steel, angle steel, I-beam, H-beam, etc.): angle steel 3. Material (iron, non-alloy steel): iron, non-alloy steel 4. Processing method (hot rolling, hot drawing, hot extrusion, cold working, cold plate rolling): one-time forming by hot rolling 5. Degree of processing (eg, punching, punching, twisting, coating, etc.): no degree of processing 6. Composition content (content of alloying elements and non-alloying elements): carbon 0.16%, etc. 7. Specifications (section height of profiles) of origin, tangshan, Hebei

Regular Sizes: Standard off production line length is 12meter, this is cut in half to 6meter, non-integer of 12 would result in waste

25MM*25MM*2.5MM*6M 30MM*30MM*3MM*6M 40MM*40MM*3MM*6M 40MM*40MM*4MM*6M 50MM*50MM*4MM*6M 50MM*50MM*5MM*6M 60MM*60MM*6MM*6M

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Product Details 



Unit of Measurement: ________

W/M (kg) : __________________ 

MOQ : ______________________

Crn/Pallet Qty : ______________



Dimension Notes

please contact us for more product specification and packaging details

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Basic Info

Container Stuffing Notes

Steel Cargo: L Shaped Steel
Length (cm) 600
Width (cm) angle bar size
Height (cm) diameter * number of steel
Volume m³ TBC
Quantity Each:
Weight total (kg) Depending on Sheet Diameter
Per piece 1
Placement and Conditions
Rotation * ALLOWED
Stacking * ALLOWED

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