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Anchor Bolts Expanding Bolts Brick Heavy duty M8 - M20 made in Handan Hebei


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Product Description

Premium Quality Heavy-Duty Anchor Bolts M8 - M20 | Made in Handan, Hebei:

Discover top-tier, durable Anchor Bolts for secure fastening in brickwork. Sizes M8 - M20 available. Crafted with precision in Handan, Hebei. Ideal for heavy-duty applications.

Heavy-Duty Anchor Bolts for Reliable Fastening - M8 to M20

Our Heavy-Duty Anchor Bolts are expertly manufactured in Handan, Hebei, ensuring superior strength and reliability for your construction needs. Perfectly suited for anchoring into brickwork, these bolts are an essential for projects demanding the highest level of security and stability.

  • Sizes Available: M8 to M20 to suit various project requirements.

  • Material: High-grade steel for maximum strength and durability.

  • Design: Expanding mechanism ensures a tight and secure fit in brick structures.

  • Finish: Corrosion-resistant coating for long-lasting performance.

  • Application: Ideal for heavy-duty constructions, industrial settings, and critical infrastructure.

  • Thread Type: Metric

  • Lengths: Available in multiple lengths to match specific anchoring depths.

  • Standards: Manufactured according to international quality standards.

  • Quality Assurance: Each bolt is rigorously tested to ensure the highest quality.

  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of heavy-duty applications.

  • Expert Manufacture: Produced in Handan, Hebei, known for its excellence in hardware manufacturing.

  • Heavy-Duty Anchor Bolts

  • M8 - M20 Anchor Bolts

  • Brick Anchor Bolts, YONGNIAN, HEBEI

  • Expanding Bolts for Brick

  • Handan Hebei Hardware

  • Construction Fasteners

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