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    Product Listings FILTER BY MATERIAL TYPE BACK TO ALL LISTINGS MESH STEEL WIRE PLASTIC OTHERS Ready to Ship Indicative Price USD2,000 Brad Nails 32mm 16G Angled Galvanised Finish UoM MOQ Weight Carton 1Ton 11.3kg READY TO SHIP FOB TIANJIN DUPLEX NAILS(Duplex Head Nails - most popular 50mm) UoM MOQ Weight BOX 2T 10 CUSTOMIZATION FOB TIANJIN COLD ROLLED STEEL ROUND BARS SS40 UoM MOQ Weight BUNDLE 10T 1000 ready to ship FOB TIANJIN DEFORMED BAR – 500N UoM MOQ Weight Bundle 10 1T READY TO SHIP FOB TIANJIN Common Nails 2mm to 6mm 5kg Carton of 1 UoM MOQ Weight Carton 2T 5 READY TO SHIP FOB TIANJIN BULLET HEAD NAILS UoM MOQ Weight BUCKET 2T 15 CUSTOMIZATION FOB TIANJIN HDG Threaded Rod Customised M10 M12 UoM MOQ Weight Piece 3T 3 READY TO SHIP FOB TIANJIN STAR STEEL PICKETS GALVANISED & BLACK BITUMEN UoM MOQ Weight PIECE 5T 1-2kg per meter Read More

  • Brad Nails 32mm 16G Angled Galvanised Finish

    < Back Brad Nails 32mm 16G Angled Galvanised Finish 24Tons 20'container load qty ​ 40'container load qty refer to 20GP Ready to Ship STEEL Product Description Also known as AF30 Specifications : Pack quantity: 2000 per white box, 12 box per brown carton, each weighs 11kg, no branding required External Length: 32mm Material Gauge: 16 External diameter: 1.6mm Nail Material: Steel Nail Type: Nail Gun Brad Angle: 20 DEGREE STRIP FINISH: 50 per strip Head: T Head finish: Electro-Galvanised Usage: Must Suit Dewalt DCN660 and DC618 nailers.& Paslode Notes , commonly-> 16 GAUGE TO A20 15 GAUGE TO A25 Product Drawings: AF30 ST30 Brad Nails the straight wire's very own Interested in other nail products, send us an email to ask for more: Contact Us Tel:+8631184446888 Wechat ID: zhengkangjinshu Beisi Industrial Zone, Jinzhou City, Hebei Province, China 💬💬Send your product photos/design to us Product Details Carton 88 Unit of Measurement: ________ ​ ​ W/M (kg) : __________________ ​ ​ MOQ : ______________________ ​ ​ Crn/Pallet Qty : ______________ 11.3kg 1Ton Dimension Notes ​ Basic Info Container Stuffing Notes ​ Contact Us to arrange sample & Request for quotation Downloads: request more data sheet

  • Product Listings

    Product Listings FILTER BY MATERIAL TYPE BACK TO ALL LISTINGS MESH STEEL WIRE PLASTIC OTHERS Ready to Ship Indicative Price USD2,000 Brad Nails 32mm 16G Angled Galvanised Finish UoM MOQ Weight(kg) Carton 1Ton 11.3kg ready to ship FOB TIANJIN Tie Wire 16.5 Gauge Black Soft Annealed Wire , COIL OF 1 UoM MOQ Weight(kg) coil 5T 1.42 READY TO SHIP FOB TIANJIN DUPLEX NAILS(Duplex Head Nails - most popular 50mm) UoM MOQ Weight(kg) BOX 2T 10 READY TO SHIP FOB TIANJIN/DDP STCR5019 STAPLES BOSTITCH UoM MOQ Weight(kg) Box 2Ts 1kg ready to ship FOB TIANJIN DEFORMED BAR – 500N UoM MOQ Weight(kg) Bundle 10 1T READY TO SHIP FOB TIANJIN WEED MAT PINS(GOUND STAPLES) UoM MOQ Weight(kg) BOX 1T 37 CUSTOMIZATION FOB TIANJIN/QINGDAO Paper Pulp Baling Wire Galvanised waxed wire for pulp binding and unitising machines UoM MOQ Weight(kg) Rosette 24T 1000 CUSTOMIZATION FOB TIANJIN HDG Threaded Rod Customised M10 M12 UoM MOQ Weight(kg) Piece 3T 3 Read More

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  • Difference between killed steel and semi-killed steel.

    "low-zinc absorption" wire and its reasoning: What's semi-killed steel or aluminum-killed steel? Semi-killed steel is with less silicon because, from its name, they are not killed with silicon. The current wire rod we use is of Q195 low-carbon steel & is of killed steel by default. To have the benefit of reducing the zinc pickup by the wire further, the wire needs to be switched to semi-killed steel, finished wire will have lesser zinc pickup. Silicon level in the range of 0.05% to 0.15% is known to cause high zinc pickup. What wire rods to use that makes a difference? In short, Q195B is the wire rod to use, and this is available infrequently, not the normal garden-variety grade. The price per ton only has a premium over its plain grade. Q195 by default is Q195Z or Q195TZ, thus not shown. Other properties are the same. Point of difference: Apart from the normal ones, we have semi-killed steel wire in the order book. This is our point of difference. Get in touch if you are a galvanising plant and looking for black annealed tie wire. Glossy list Low carbon steel wire rods- (encompass grades of steel to 0.15 percent maximum carbon content. Killed Steel/Aluminum-Killed Steel: steel treated with a strong deoxidizing agent such as silicon or aluminum in order to reduce the oxygen content to such a level that no reaction occurs between carbon and oxygen during solidification, more silicons. Annealing: commonly involves heating the material to a temperature near or below the lower critical temperature, and holding it at that temperature for a sufficient period of time, followed by slow cooling. the process softened the steel Deoxidizing Methods are denoted by three signs: (F)means rimming, (B)means semi-killed, (Z) means killed, and (TZ)means special killed.

  • The Best Uses for FIBC Bags for Bulk Commodity Transportation

    Over the past several years, FIBC bags have gained popularity due to their advantages over rigid IBCs, paper bags, and fiber, plastic, or metal drums. FIBC bulk bags are flexible intermediate bulk containers, also known as flexible industrial containers, used for storing and transporting dry and liquid products. In terms of packaging and transportation of various goods, FIBC bulk bags are the most versatile options available today. In order to store and transport large quantities of products, FIBC bulk bags have been used by various industries since they were developed. A key characteristic of these advanced containers is their flexibility, and durability, which allows them to hold up to 4000 pounds of material. China has developed the FIBC supply in a staggering speed in recent year, new plants built and new equipment introduced. This is due to both supply and demand. The traditional manufacturing is on the wane and we are finding new industry, this falls into our lap. Another reason is bulk bag is in vogue now, a common sight in all building sites. Here are some of the best uses of FIBC bags in bulk transportation: 1) Transport Agricultural Products: animal feeds, and many others. Depending on what agricultural products you intend to pack in these bags, big bag liners may be necessary. These FIBCs maintain their shape during transportation and provide safe storage in warehouses. 2) Transport Construction Materials: Transportation and management of construction materials such as cement, soil, gravel, and other related products are challenging. It is possible to simplify and eliminate the challenges associated with the packaging and transportation of these materials by using the right FIBCs. 3) Transport Fine Powders: In case your business needs to store or transport fine grains or powders, FIBCs are a great option. Powders and grains you may want to store or transport include Oats, Flour, Sand, Sugar, Zinc ash, Minerals, Cobalt powder, etc. FIBCs with liners can prevent powder puffs or leakage while stored, depending on your product. 4) Transport Food Grade Products: Packaging food products are popular with FIBCs. Using these bags, bulk foods like dry goods, pulverized foods, and coarse foods can be transported. To keep the products fresh and free of contamination, liners can be used. 5) Transport Pharmaceutical Products: Unlike food products, pharmaceutical goods are always held to the same strict environmental and hygiene standards. The products can be packed safely in FIBCs and transported in bulk. 6) Transport Chemicals: Powdered and granular chemicals can be transported in bulk in FIBCs with perfect sift-proof seams and efficient liners. With their collapsible design, these bags are easy to store and empty with minimum contamination. Furthermore, they are made of durable, tough materials for safe storage and transportation. 7) Transport Plastics: For its supply of goods, the thermoplastic industry relies heavily on bulk packing, as it serves nearly every other industry. FIBC bag is an excellent option for transporting plastic pellets from a manufacturing plant to a factory in a safe and economical manner. Wrapping Up: Industry-grade FIBC bulk bags have been instrumental in carrying materials. Having read this, you should try bulk bags that meet industry standards for quality and have features that could assist your business in storing and delivering products without hassles. If you're looking for quality FIBC bulk bags, no matter the industry, THE STRAIGHT WIRE has you covered. Talk to us and get your bulk bag designed tailored to. your needs.

  • All You Need to Know About Using Bar Ties in Construction - Guide from Bar Ties Manufacturer

    We know it is a tongue twisters, you see, but we supply bar ties to tie tie bars. Firstly, tie bars are important, they ensure that the concrete construction of a project is properly supported and aligned. Used for ensuring sturdy mesh structure(what?you make mesh too), in return to building structure, a tie bar is one of the major and unmissable elements of concrete construction. It provides main support to the heavy concrete slabs using interlocking methods and these bars are applied for load distribution in the concrete infrastructure. Tie bars are basically deformed rebars or connectors used for holding the faces of rigid slabs in contact to maintain aggregate interlock. Tie bars are not load-transferring devices. For instance, tie bars are used in longitudinal joints at the mid-depth of concrete pavement. What is a Tie Bar? The tie bar also called a connector, is a deformed steel bar used in concrete construction as reinforcement. To create an interlock and distribute weight efficiently, this type of bar is placed between rigid concrete slabs. Tie bars are positioned at the mid-depth of longitudinal joints. Tie bars are steel and has ribbed form. Tie beams have a diameter between 10-12mm. A tie bar's spacing depends both on the pavement's thickness and on the slab's width. In general, the thickness of tie bars ranges between 550 mm and 640 mm. These are not load-transfer devices like dowel bars. At the straight wire, we cut the N12, N16, N20 bars into desired length, from 6M to 1m, 2m or3m. Benefits of Using Tie Bars in Construction: Tie bars positioned and spaced properly prevent lane separation, differential slab settlement, and transverse cracking Tie bars also reduce the cost of overall lifecycle repairs For roads and pavements, tie bars are essential A tie bar provides stability and reliability What is a Bar Tie, or better, two bar ties? Bar tie is what is used to connect the tie bar. Who said this is not confusion. It is a soft thin and short wire used to tie the bars, with small loops on both ends. They are thin as it comes in 16gauge, or 17gauge, and relatively short, from 4'' to 12''. Depending on the length, rod busters not only use it to tie bars, some also use it to secure bags, thus the name bag tie. Got it? Benefits of Using Tie Bars in Construction: Cost saving as all ties are preformed and available A tie bar provides stability and reliability Trying to find the best bar ties? THE STRAIGHT WIRE, Wire Manufacturing & Steel Trading in Hebei, and export to main market of North America, we focuses on maximising the value of the entire supply chain, providing unbeatable service, and developing high-quality products in collaboration with our customers. Companies are redeploying their plant & equipment to neutralised Vietnam and Thailand as US could pose high importing tax. We have the most agile supply and fast turnaround time, believing this point of difference will triumph over the cost aspect.

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