Steel Fibre

24Tons, 1200 Cartons

20'container load qty

40'container load qty

N/A- Refer to 20ft GP



Product Description

Both Loose Steel Fibre and Glued Steel Fibres are available

5050-Hooked End Normal Tensile Loose Steel Fibre ,

Specification ​ Steel Fibre For Concrete Reinforcement HS code: 7326901100 Name: Other Steel fiber and its products for technical use ​ ​

  1. Nominal diameter (d): 0.5mm to 1.0mm

  2. Length (L): depend on buyer's requirement

  3. length (l & l‘): depend on buyer's requirement

  4. height (h & h‘): depend on buyer's requirement

  5. Aspect Ratio angle (α & α‘):45°(min. 30°)

  6. Tensile strength (Rm):min. 1100 Mpa

  7. Fibers/Kg: 3200

  8. PACKING:20kg paper bags/ 20kg Boxes/1.0Ton Bulk Bag

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Dimension Notes

Bag, box, bulk bag are both available

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Basic Info

Container Stuffing Notes

Box Cargo: Various Steel Fibre
Length (cm) 110
Width (cm) 110
Height (cm) 120
Volume m³ 1.452
Quantity Each:
Weight total (kg) 1100
Per piece 1
Placement and Conditions
Rotation * NOT ALLOWED
Stacking * ALLOWED

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