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Black Annealed cut to length wires made for HDG industry

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

The most soft and durable wire that galvanising plants should be using and see why it is ideal for the HDG industry.

Product in real world examples &. the pitfalls of common misperceptions and choosing wisely

This same product is showcased in different lights, most importantly in the eyes of the users. Standing competitively, our product plays in a stage made up by other Chinese mills and international manufacturers.

This otherwise small consumable as disposable wire could not be ignored and see why it will not cost a fortune to pay for a high price premium for some really well-marketed products.

#1: KNOW YOUR diameters and length --- custom made specs

Common wire diameters for immediate delivery - (2.00mm, 2.50mm, 3.15mm)

Cut to standard length of 1.2m, 2m and 3.5m.

Thicker 4.0mm Coil forms

Request a free sample, delivery address subject to galvanising sites

We can post the sample for free

Versatile product and not easy to break.

The breaking strength calculated from the tensile strength 
For the initial breaking strength of the wire, the strength can be calculated by dividing the maximum load the specimen sustains during a tension test by the original cross-sectional area of the specimen. 
An example calculation for breaking strength is shown below: 
For a No. 9 gauge wire tie with a tensile strength of 60000 psi, the breaking strength is as follows: Area=PI×R2
PI = 3.14 
R = radius of wire in inches (for No. 9 gage, the diameter is equal to 0.148) Area = (3.14) × (0.148/2)2= 0.017 in2
Breaking strength=(60000 psi) × (0.017 in2)  
= 1032 lbs. 

#2: Quality Control on Site

Frequent checking points off each shift and every batch.

Samples taken randomly off the production line to the testing room.

Any non-conforming will be go back to the last stage, often annealing furnace, for a softer wire product

Begins with wire rod, to perfectly annealed drawn out wire, ending up with wire made for HDG specification.

tensile testing machine checking wire physical property such as tensile strength and elongation rate
Quantity and Quality check on site

Heading #3: NAILED IT!!!

QUESTION: Management team is pleased with the sample, can you make sure each time the HDG plants will be getting the same wires with the same softness level.


We have a consistent manufacturing process which slowly anneals the wire in the furnace in controlled temperature for three days.

We have experience of manufacturing for two decades.

We have happy customers who says is good quality and buying for years

We have testing equipment to test each batch to make sure the tensile strength is consistent.

We have customer that have been searching for good product for years and are happy with the end results.


From TUV Testing

#4: The Final Delivery

Many factors positioned us to become your perfect partner to work with, namely

  • Cost structure, supply chain management have an edge over other countries.

  • Quick Turnaround, Just in time shipping to your city or delivered to door. We can bill the price inclusive of shipping to the country. You pick it up from local port.

  • Price point: proven final costs efficiency

Visit our product listing to see more:

Need further information by the engineers

We invite you to leave us a message and share you experience related to it

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