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철근 결속선 [10kg/20kg] 🇰🇷 🇰🇷 Korea

Updated: May 19, 2023

수입] 350, 450, 550. 600mm

견고한 내구성을 지니고 있는 단단 철근결속선 입니다

부드러운 결속선으로 사용자의 피로를 덜어줍니디

인증 업체

Busan port, South Korea. Container going every month

We can speak Korean. Kim.


A wide usage and suitable for building projects, for you and real estate developers, ENGINEERING CO.,LTD.

We can add logo to cartons, and write each number of pcs in the box, using adhesive labels, etc. Our wire is of different diameter, and length, most commonly in 0.88mm for KR market, and supports optimisation.

We usually confirm the order in the same business day, cut-off time is 11am BEIJING TIME, and confirm your order with reference number, price, delivery date, tariff number, hs codes and place of origin. We have a policy that any product damage at fault of the factory by a reasonable person is deemed to be 100% compensated, without arguments by the manufacturer.

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