Frequently asked questions

General Questions

What types of surface treatment you can provide?

Black Annealed, Electro-galvanized, Hot-dipped Galvanised(up to 250gsm), PVC coating, Zinc-Aluminium Alloy Coating.ew question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

How is it packed?

Coils(in different internal diamters), Pallets(European or American), cut-length, and other customizing methods, including adding logos and printings to the cartons.

Do you have other products as well?

We work with an extended network of manufacturers within the locale and source many other products, either in metal products or other products. In recent years, we have developed wire tools, FIBC bags, mesh, bars.

What is the price?

The wire price can be influenced by the raw material-wire rod price movement, exchange rate and shipping fees change. Mostly the price is within a stable range for a period of time.

Who are you and where are you located?

The factory is in JINZHOU CITY, SHIJIAZHUANG, HEBEI (河北晋州) . See the contact details for the exact location. The trading Company is registered in the Marshall Islands and with office in shijiazhuang City. Some of the sales representatives are in overseas. (South East Asia, Australia). We work with distributors to service small buyers. Website: Alibaba Online Store:

What is the weight per package or how many wires per package?

Request a wire diameter and length converter from us. Send an email to

What is your lead time?

This is product specific. Gennerally it takes 2 weeks to finish production. But we need to look at the factory schedule or any hindrance factors such as Chinese New Year or government ordered shutdown. So talk to us early and secure a spot.

Product Specific

Can you also cut in customized length aside from standard 300mm and 400mm length?

The pre-cut wire can range any length from 10mm all the way to 6000mm. Our length tolerance is 0.5mm. The gap can be every 2.5mm. It can be #16 wire or any diameter. Material can be wire either galvanised or annealed, or thicker 9mm rods.

Do you also cater for requests if I have a packaging design that I would like you to use during packaging? Of course, a printed design of our company logo and information to be in the packaging.

Of course, we have pre-designed templates for you too choose from. Just need to fill the logo and the product details will also be on the box. However, this may need an MOQ to make it worthwhile for the print shop. We have a very good relationship with the print shop, the starting quantity is a lot less than standard print shop.

Can you show sample photos of your products?

Mostly it would be on the specific product page. If there aren't available, send an email to us and we will send out from our photobanks.

May I request for your Technical Data sheet  that you can share related to the GI wire?

Mostly information are available on our website. Please see the link here. There is some description on the quote too if we have done a quote together. Feel free to ask me questions if the data sheet information is incomplete. Email Search key words on our website too. There should be some more information that becomes useful.

Payment Related

What payment methods do you accept.

We prefer Tele-Transfer and also have a range of other payment methods avaialble.

Shipping Related

What will be the actual CBM of 1 Ton wire?

It depends on the specific products. The pre-cut ones are the least bulky and most compacted. It can be as little as 0.3CBM per ton. The coiled wire is bigger. An average would be 0.6CBM per ton.

Can we contact our local broker to help complete logistics from your end going to our local warehouse?

Yes, We can quote on EX works and ship the product out from our factory directly in HEBEI province, or through our regional warehoue located in either Guangzhou or Yiwu, whichever is closer to your appointed place by the cargo company.